Juegos e-skills

Challenge other players with e-Skills games and earn real money!

What are e-Skills games?

E-Skills are games on which the players receive rewards for winning against other players. These rewards are paid in AppCoins Credits, which can then be withdrawn into real-world money! Do you know what are Play-to-Earn games? e-Skills is basically the Aptoide and AppCoins version of Play-to-Earn games, based on AppCoins token and available worldwide.Once you play a match on an e-Skills game, you’ll notice that all participants pay an entry fee, which actually contributes to a common poll that composes the final prize for the winner.

How does it work?

First of all, install the AppCoins Wallet on your Android device. This tool will not only process the payment of your entry fee but also will receive your rewards once you win on a e-Skills game. Then, have a look at the e-Skills games we have available in Aptoide (you can find them in the bundle below). Once you find your favorite game, just download it!Some games will match you with random players from all over the world, while in other games, you’ll be able to create a room to play with your friends. You’ll need to pay an entry fee to start a match and, in case you are the winner, you’ll receive your reward in the AppCoins Wallet.Withdrawing your reward is very easy. Just open the AppCoins Wallet, go to Settings and tap on e-Skills Withdrawal. Choose the amount you want to withdraw and insert your PayPal email address. Tap on Withdraw and it’s done!